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"Did you know that you can turn your Car
into a Cash-Generating MACHINE?"

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"You can make £100-£300 every day
just driving your Car!"

That's about $130-$400 a day.


Your vehicle is a potential gold mine.


To most people, it’s just a method of transportation.

Your car, is in fact, a cash-generating MACHINE.

Your car could be making you up to £300 ($400) every Day!


Some people think that the only way to earn cash with their car is by delivering Pizza or Chinese food.


Just because you haven’t heard of other options, doesn't mean they don’t exist.


Please do not think that your only option to make money with your car is delivering Pizza or Chinese food.



How about delivering replacement or repaired laptops and mobile phones?

What about misplaced flight luggage?

Or even carrying emergency medical equipment?


Most people do not realise that the solution to earning extra money is actually sitting right outside their front door.


Your car can be transformed into a money-making MACHINE.

How do I know this?

Well, I've been in this business for over 40 years.

I started before people had Satellite Navigation in their cars.

I started before most people owned a mobile phone.

I've been in this business since 1982.

And I'm still making great money every day.

So, I should know what I'm talking about.

For the last 42 years, I've picked up a box from point A.

Then I've driven it to point B.

Then I get paid.

Up to £300 ($400) every day.

That's It.

In fact, there are thousands of people just like me.


Yes, I'm a Courier.

But not like your FedEx or UPS person.

I only deliver one or two boxes every day.

And I will show you how!

But did you know there are many

different ways to earn cash with your car?

I'll show you those too!

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My job couldn't be easier!


It’s estimated that there are now over 300 million people worldwide making money using their cars, either as a real source of part-time income or using them to pursue a full-time career. 


If you have a car, it makes sense to use it to create extra income.


Let’s be honest. You aren't going to make millions overnight driving your car.


But extra income is always welcome.


Whether you just want to earn £40 to £80 ($50-$100) in a few hours a day or make over £200 ($250) a day, all you need is a car or van and a mobile phone. 


Life can throw up many roadblocks in life, and occasionally we all need extra money or a new direction in our working lives.


If recent history has taught us anything, everybody's income is at risk at some point.


Driving your car can often be one of the fastest ways to earn fast cash, but it’s often overlooked because people think the only options are Pizza delivery and Chinese food delivery.


Think Again!!!


Talking of pizza,

what if I told you that you could turn your car into a cash-generating machine

for less than the cost of a delivered Pizza!

Talking of deliveries, let’s look at what’s out there. 

You could be delivering high-value items such as laptops, smartphones, computer parts, or even pharmaceuticals. 

There are hundreds of different valuable items that require hand delivery every day.

And most of them weigh next to nothing!

Personal and commercial delivery is getting bigger by the year and it's only going to get bigger. 

It's over 20 times bigger than when I first started, long before we had even heard of the internet (Yes, I’m that old). 

Don't let the media tell you that it's going to be replaced by robots.

Can you see a robot or drone delivering to your home if you live ten or fifteen miles from your nearest store? 

Of course not.

A couple of cases of beer and wine weigh quite a lot. (errrmm! plus, the food of course!)

I can't see flying drones delivering my weekly shopping anytime soon.


But it's not just delivery work.



Delivery work is only a fraction of the work you can do with your car.


There are over 25 companies in the UK alone that are offering cash for your services driving your car. 


There are even more in the USA.


But 25 should be plenty for most people.


And most of them are APP-based.


Most of them just require you to sign up online, and that’s it!


Some of them will allow you to start earning money on the same day.


Most companies do not require an interview.


There's plenty of work out there if you know where to look.


The only thing you've been missing so far is the inside knowledge.


This probably won't make you a millionaire, but it could improve your current financial status.

"This guide WILL NOT
make you a fortune".

Most people are sensible enough to realise that you aren't going to make a fortune just from an advert.

But if someone said to you, that it could take just days to learn a job, 

But it could take you 20 years to work out how to make it pay well. 

Would you listen to their advice? 

Of course you would.

This probably won’t make you a millionaire, but it could improve your current financial status. 

Making money with your car is simple, but many people make a complete mess of it. 

You could easily earn between £15-£50 per hour.

That's ($18-$60) per hour just driving.


Ask yourself a question.


1. How much MONEY do you want to make?

2. How many hours do you have available?

3. When are you available? Mornings, afternoons, or evenings, 

Or a combination of the three?

We have put together an eBook guide listing the best opportunities for everyone.

We can show you how to make extra money using your car PART-TIME or FULL-TIME. 

Whether you want to workdays, evenings, weekends, or just a couple of hours a week? 

It depends on the type of driving you wish to do.

I do this full-time, but some people just want to earn £60 ($75) for a few hours of work.

One young lady who started just weeks ago, is doing 2 delivery routes a day with one of the companies we mention. 

This is an American company that has warehouses all over the world.

These delivery runs take about 90 minutes each and are paying around £160 ($200) each!

She chose this work because she has two young children, and this company lets you log in on your phone whenever you want and pick the hours you want.

And because this is an American company, as many of them are, the same work is also available in the States.

But you need to know where to start.

Don’t go climbing mountains when someone has already done it for you.


This eBook is written by professional drivers with over 60 years of combined experience. 


Where else will you get all this information from professionals in just one eBook?


And you can read our guide on your phone, tablet, Mac, or PC, TODAY!


Why not take a shortcut? 


It could save a lot of time.

Taz, London, UK

I bought the book on Monday.

Read it on Tuesday during lunch break!

Applied on Tuesday evening.

I got work to suit my study hours on Thursday.

I would have started on Wednesday, but needed to clean my car out.

Book recommended.

Anna, Derby, UK

Got a job with a company in your book that I had never even heard of before. 

It just shows you don't know it all.

Mahesh, Baltimore, USA

I was already working for Uber, which was perfectly ok, 

but I have decided to do the B-to-B Courier system in your manual.

I'm in week three and all is going well.


Its up to you!!!


Even if you can only spare a few hours a week, there's almost certainly something we can show you. 


You can work daytime, evenings, or weekends.


You can work locally, very locally, or travel further away from home.


It's all up to you. 


In most cases, you can start almost immediately.


We show you the largest providers of work for car drivers.


We show you the "Ten Best" ways to earn money with your car.


We include articles on the well-known obvious ones like Uber, Deliveroo, and Amazon.



John M, Humberside, UK

I bought the book on the off chance it might have something for me, 

given that I live in a reasonably remote area.

I decided to go down one of the specialist courier routes

and have now gone freelance. 

The manual explained it all well.

Kathryn B, East Sussex, UK

I got this for my boyfriend as he was looking for a part-time job.

He is now working full-time, so he can afford to take me out again! YAY!!!

Liza B, Bakersfield, CA(USA)

Excellent book. It helped me find something that I wasn't aware of in my local area.

It helped me choose something that suits my parenting hours perfectly without having to try several different possibilities, cheers and god save the new king, love the UK.

picture 5.jpeg

I've been doing it for over 40 years!!!

This is what I do 5 days a week, in fact, I’ve been doing it for over 40 years.


Had I mentioned that?


Tonight, you can “learn how to earn” with about 2 hours of reading.


We aren’t going to tell you how to make a fortune overnight.

Let’s get that straight right now.


We will teach you that if you have a car, you can make money with it. 

In this industry, It's about what you know instead of who you know.

This is about having knowledge and information to provide you with regular extra income and is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

Our guide teaches you how to make extra money part-time and possibly a full-time career.


Earning a living can be done relatively easily,

but making good extra cash or even full-time cash can be difficult.


It's simply a matter of having the correct information combined with the proper instruction.


This information is NOT going to cost you a fortune. 


It's just the price of an ordinary book.


Ironically, it’s less than the price of a large, delivered Pizza. 


What's more, we will keep you updated with the best information on how to stay ahead of everyone else.


You are not going to get the complete works of Shakespeare, but you are going to get my 40 years of experience and tips.


In this world, information is power and money. 

There are many times in our lives when a single piece of information or an action has changed the course of the rest of our lives. 

It could have been a friend telling you about a vacant position that had become available at their company.

Or your partner had announced that they were pregnant.

Or that you turned left instead of right led to a chance meeting.

Or a single conversation.

Or a single piece of news.

It could be that Eureka moment where you say to yourself, that's it, I've got it!

Just think about it.

What if you had made a different choice that day?

We have all wondered, "What if?"

Some things we can't change, but with others, we can make a conscious decision to act.

Reading just a single piece of information, just one line, from a whole book can change the course of your life.

One piece of information, a contact number or a name can change your future.

It did for me.

This moment happened to me one day when a friend asked me to help him complete some deliveries for his business. 

Over 40 years later, I'm still doing them!

That single conversation changed my life forever.

picture 17.jpg

A single piece of information can change your life!



There are various types of work to suit almost everyone's needs.


Part-time or full-time. Local driving or long-distance work available,


You can work set hours or just turn up.


Business is booming as the gig economy grows and app-based firms replace old business models.


That's it.


Bob L, Dallas,TX (USA)

I found this book surprisingly helpful even though I am in Dallas, Texas, in the USA.

Some great tips that are working well this side of the pond.

It took a British book to direct me to an American company IN Dallas.

Beverly, "Somewhere in the USA, California we think"

I've got that black top, white line fever. I'm Lovin It!

Jon B, Birmingham, UK

I am a 54-year-old truck driver and was looking for something less physical.

 I already had the road knowledge which I thought would give me an advantage. 

Your book took me down a completely different route. Bit of a surprise!!

I am doing completely different deliveries now.

I am delivering lightweight pharmaceuticals to retirement homes.

woman on couch_Fotor_edited.jpg

How about Something Extra?

The market is growing all the time, so just one book won't cover everything,


We will send you free updates on new driving opportunities if you want them. 

You can unsubscribe at any time.

We do not share or sell your information to anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

But That’s not all.

If that wasn’t enough


We have included three complete training manuals which initially sold for over £50 each. 


They each give you the ability to earn up to £200 ($250) per day or more.

That’s 3 free complete training manuals on ways to make extra cash with your car.

Including specialist Courier work that can earn you the big bucks.



We didn't want to charge anything for this eBook. 

However, we couldn't just give all this information away for free!




Because it would hurt YOUR future income.




Let me explain.


There is nearly £200 ($250) worth of information here, but we know that most people cannot afford that.

If we gave this information away for free, everyone and their dog would download it and make the information worthless.

If too many people did try this all at the same time, it would flood the market with drivers making it harder for you to find work and reduce the money that you would be paid.


You also get the dreamers who think they might want to try this but realise they might have to try to get off the couch and put down their PlayStation!


So, we had to come up with a compromise.


Therefore, we decided to charge a relatively small price that would filter out the no-hopers and the non-serious people but still make it affordable to people who would value the information.

This is the cheapest way we could think of to provide you with this eBook without the information becoming valueless. 


This book could save you over £100 ($125) on fuel and insurance costs alone. 


You may even be able to reclaim the cost of this manual against your tax bill!


We are giving you a
90% discount?

Please remember:


This is over £200 ($250) worth of information, but it's not going to cost you anything like that!


Our three complete manuals usually sell for £50 each, plus this book retailed at £49.95 initially.


All this information is now just £19.95.


That's about $25 US.

That's a 90% discount!








Today we are offering our guide for just a 

One-off payment of £19.95 for the latest edition.

That’s about $25.00.

There's nothing else to pay.

There are no add-ons or monthly subscriptions or extra charges for premium editions.

That’s it. Just one payment

Remember, you can read our guide on your phone, tablet, PC or MAC.

Just download our eBook,


Learn Tonight, 5 Brayford Square, London, E1 0SG.
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